The Baltic States in International Politics af Petersen N Bog

The Baltic States in International Politics


The re-birth of the three Baltic republics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and their re-entry on the international scene after 50 years under Soviet rule, is a unique historical phenomenon. The Danish Institute of International Studies hosted a seminar at May 25-26, 1992 on The Baltic States in International Politics. The object of the seminar was first and foremost to discuss the various theoretical and empirical problems connected with the emergence of the newly-independent Baltic states on the international scene. Secondly, to establish academic contacts between Baltic and Nordic scholars in the field of international relations. The papers presented at the seminar are published in this book in revised and updated versions. They hopefully will be a useful contribution to a fascinating and still relatively unexplored issue.

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  • 9788757430219
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  • 8. November 1993

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