The Value Adding Board  its focus and work af Torben Ballegaard E-bog, ePub

The Value Adding Board its focus and work

- Cooperation on strategy, execution, performance, and health


"Corporate governance in a new perspective". Confronted with increased global competition and the massive flow of rules and regulations, many Boards of Directors wrestle with questions of this nature:- How do we perform as a team to guide, inspire, and energize management?- How do we build trustful cooperation while exercising rigorous control?- How does the board contribute to the development of the strategy?- How do we stimulate and oversee effective execution of the strategy?- How do we monitor operational performance in a simple action driven way?- How do we detect early warning signs of decline in mindset and culture?- How can we manage the boards formal household tasks more effectively?- How do we define the board members personal and professional qualities?- How do we develop, evaluate, and renew the board to meet the future?- How does the board member decide on the mix of board assignments?Formal governance guidelines do not provide answer to these questions. Neither do the numerous management books because they are predominantly based on the classic American model of a unitary Chairman & CEO and a relatively passive board. There is a need for inspiration to harvest the power of a more engaged interactivity."The Value Adding Board" sheds light on how to strengthen the interaction within the Board and between the Board and Management to create more value. Based on practical executive and board experience, the author reflects on this interactivity and combines concepts with case stories and provoking quotes in search of answers to the questions above.The book is written for current and future board members who are open minded and eager to develop their teams and themselves, and who do not already know everything worth knowing.

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  • 15. December 2012

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