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Branding and Advertising

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Branding and Advertising presents a wide spectre of recent studies and works in the fields of branding, advertising and communication effects. Material is organized into four main areas: Branding and Communication, Advertising Effects, Media and Targets, and Low Involvement and Emotional Responses. In the first main part of the book, Branding and Communication, a number of chapters are concerned with the branding of corporations and the use of branding in advertising communication. The second main part of the book gives insights into different aspects of advertising effects; methods of measurement, and results of advertising and commercial communication in different settings. Media and Targets presents research concerning genres of advertising, audience reactions, attitudes towards the ads, and the role of advertising in relation to children as a target group. The fourth and final part of the book is concerned with the role of information processing and memory creation in advertising communication. The book addresses itself to the advertising professionals, to advertising and communication researchers, as well as to graduate and undergraduate students of advertising and communication, who want to be informed about the latest research within these areas.

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  • 22. December 2011

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